There are eight P's - that fills in a few more things ...

“I -ne- Ol- Shep -as going to -ie be-ore I starte- page one.”
“-on’t be ri-i--lo-s,” the tea-her snappe-. “Ho-?”
I shr-gge-. “Be-a-se the -og al-a-s -ies. Go to the librar- an- pi-- o-t a boo- -ith an a-ar- sti--er an- a -og on the -o-er. Tr-st -e, that -og is going -o-n. -hat happene- to Ol- -eller?”
“Oh, all right,” the tea-her a--itte-. “So Ol- -eller -ies.”
“-hat abo-t So-n-er? An- Bristle -a-e? -on’t -orget -here the Re- -ern Gro-s. The -o-ble -ha--- – t-o -ogs -ie in that one.”
“-o-’-e -a-e -o-r point,” gro-le- -r. -ogel-an.

-ro- No -ore -ea- -ogs
B- Gor-on -or-an

Moesha: R (29); L (16); G (19) = 64
Catty1: E (53); I (21); O (46); A (32); S (19); P (8) = 331
Karen: T (35) = 35
Felicia's Mom: N (23) = 23
Asiel: H (22) = 22
cassiesmom: B (9) = 9

Letters left to guess: