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Thread: kennel cough still persists despite vet treatment

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    kennel cough still persists despite vet treatment

    My yellow lab Andy is eleven. He has had kennel cough for three months. After the first month, I took him to the vet who has seen him since he was a puppy. After expensive testing and two treatments, the cough still exists. Our vet mentioned if the cough remains, other testing could be done. He also threw in the fact he was getting old. Andy has always been in good shape. Any encouraging thoughts for myself and my best friend?

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    Did the vet say it could be caused by anything else, other than the virus?
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    Possibly Tick Paralysis

    My vet did mention an x-ray if the second round of medication didn't work. After researching ticks and Andy's (My yellow lab) symptoms, the results from tick paralysis were parallel. I noticed a few more small ticks on him today. My second question is how to approach exterminating inside and outside of the house, professional or do it yourself?

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    A cough could be caused by various issues. Heartworms could be one, and fluid buildup in the lungs because of heart disease is another. Does your dog have a heart murmur? Has your vet checked for any of these
    common, but obvious reasons? I personally would be finding another vet, since it appears to me that this one isn't very thorough at all.

    Good luck. I hope Andy gets treatment that helps him.
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    I understand you've been going to this vet for years, but a second opinion wouldn't hurt.
    I'm about to go get a second opinion for my dog's issue and I've been going to my vet for about 9 years.
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