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A game in this series that they actually played clean ball! (Not that I'm complaining but you have to wonder why they insist on pitching to Papi. )
WHY DO WE KEEP PITCHING TO HIM?? I mean for crying out loud they walked Pujols in 2011 nearly every time he came up to bat... but yet we keep taking chances with him... KNOWING he hits EVERY TIME... Can't wrap my mind around it.

And I even went to the game last night since my BF won tickets in a drawing at work... what a disheartening game.

Miracles have happened though, I have faith with Wacha, but unfortunately we need TWO games to win and that seems a little unlikely......

However............. the last time the Sox clinched a WS win at home has been quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite a few years, sooooo... I still have hope!