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And the WS is the Red Sox vs. the Cards.

I'm actually glad the Dodgers didn't make it, I tired of hearing the anointment of Puig as the greatest player on the diamond. Is he good? No question, but it was a touch over the top for the baseball writers to push for him to be in the All Star game when he had been in the majors for all of 1 1/2 months.
Puig and Gonzalez were ridiculous showboaters. I mean... great, you got a double, high-five the coach and then focus back on the game... don't stand there chest thumping and fist pumping over a double... for crying out loud.

And dear Puig, if the ump calls you out, just go back to the bullpen like everyone else who gets called out, don't stand there and stare them down or hit the ground with your bat.