Sorry for not being here as much as I used to be....!
My dad is very sick, and we go every 3 days to the hospital, taking turns with my sister & brother!

He got 90 in January and was still good for a man of that age!
So in February he left for Turkey for about one month; together with other elderly people. His sister & husband (88) also went!
But after 1 week it went wrong.... His sister found him on the floor of his bathroom twice! The second time he acted rather strange and was talking gibberish...
He was brought to the local hospital then.
We were told not to go there, so we didn't...
They told us many different stories, we didn't really know what was wrong.
After 2 weeks he was brought back to Belgium with a "medical flight": him, a doctor and a nurse.
We were so chocked when we finally saw him...!
It was obvious that he hadn't be washed all the time he was in hospital, he was dehydrated too, but wasn't allowed to drink anything before the doctors here were sure he could still swallow well.
His lips were covered with dried blood, and his mouth looked all red inside. Poor dad!!!
His whole body was "blue" and his arms was in such bad shape because of needles and other stuff.
After many tests, we finally learned that they gave him overdoses of bloodthinner (in Turkey), which caused his inner body bleed inside on really lots of places!!
We also are sure now that he got a seizure.
The worst though is that they found out here that his aorta (main artery) is in very bad shape; it is calcified completely, cholesterol too, and it has many very very thin places; Those can break anytime, which will cause an instant death...! I hope you can all understand what I am trying to describe, my English is not really great when talking about medical stuff...
All we can do now is going as often as possible (it's a 1 hour drive)
They are givng some excercises to get in better shape, because he cannot stand on his feet anymore. Of course they must be very careful , regarding that artery!!
He was till living on his own, but that won't be possible anymore....! So the hospital is trying to find a place for him in a home .

Please add him to your prayers, he needs it very much!! Thanks!!!