I have NEVER encountered this before - an Easter Peep shortage. I'm stunned! I went out this morning to pick up a little Easter candy for the family, and there was not a Peep to be found. Went to the grocery store, dollar store, Walgreens and Walmart in search of the little critters. NOTHING - not a single package. Did the world all of a sudden decide that they like Peeps, and bought out this year's crop???? Are people hoarding them????? Usually there are tons of Peeps that go on sale the day after Easter because nobody took them home. Not this year - not in this neck of the woods, anyway.
So my son went out this afternoon, and he went to 5 different stores, and managed to get the very last pack of Peeps for me at Rite Aid. I do believe that DE stores are now devoid of any Peeps, and that none got left behind on the shelves, only to be sold at drastically reduced prices on Monday, just so that they will have a home to go to.
I'm so happy that all the local Peeps got taken to a deserving home, and none have to spend another lonely night in a store.

Seriously - I wonder what the sudden run on Peeps was all about??? I hope everyone managed to find these little goodies.

Happy Easter everyone!