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WESTCHESTER/ PUTNAM VALLEY NEW YORK!!!!! Some are NYC Rescue cats adopted from rescues! These are all friendly Cats!!!!

URGENT!!! Putnam Valley,, New York! Woman Evicted, owner of cats is Peg Artz and 13 to 15 cats need rescue!!!!!
Tonight I learned 2 are known from NYC Rescues,so please check your records if there are any adopted cats, also if you are a rescue group!!! Others also may be from rescues.

Contact Karen at 914-420-2576 or email at [email protected]

These cats need to be rescued and placed immediately! They are all friendly!!! They come right up to the woman feeding them !!!!! 3 are scared but do not flee.

It is said that 2 Siamese type cats with old tail injuries came from rescue group in NYC area!!! Perhaps the others too are from rescues!!!!

Please contact the neighbor on this street to save and help these cats please!!! Eviction papers are up, and this is time sensitive as ACC will show up and take the cats!!!!

Contact Karen at 914-420-2576 or email at [email protected].