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Thread: Shiloh pups - update 7 weeks old.

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    Shiloh pups - update 7 weeks old.

    Update: So we're getting the pup this Saturday We think we know which pup we're getting. The breeder decides who goes where, but we've been going to see them every week and told her which one we like the best. I think assuming the vet tests go well tomorrow then she'll know for sure if we're getting him. Anyway, here are some pictures of the one we might be getting: (they named him Comiskey (baseball litter) I think his name is going to be Loki)

    6 weeks

    5 weeks

    4 weeks


    My dad is looking to get a Shiloh shepherd. He's been talking a breeder and isn't 100% sure which litter he is getting one from yet, but the first litter was born a day or 2 ago! Here's a pic:

    It's sorta a family dog I guess so I'll be doing a lot towards raising him. I'm hoping it will be a good playmate for Clover!

    Here is a picture of the male pups at 2 weeks old.

    We'll be getting a male for sure. His name will likely be Loki. I can't wait til their old enough that we can go see them and pick one.
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