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Thread: coughing and choking

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    coughing and choking

    has anybodys dog ever started barking, and
    end up choking and coughing. My dog Daisy
    has been doing this for about two weeks. She
    doesn't seem sick, its just when she barks she
    chokes and coughs. She is going to the vet
    on Thursday. I hope its not serious, I just lost
    a dog in September.

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    Glad she's going to the vet, I hope it is something treatable! Coughing can be a symptom of so many things!
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    I think the most common cause behind the dogs behaviour is an irritation of the soft palate and throat that results in a spasm. But before confirming the cause itís very essential to know some of the facts such as how old is your dog? What breed is your dog? But since you are taking him to vet, he would give best suggestion on examining it.


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