It was such a beautiful day today and we were sitting outside with the dogs. Jax was at the door and was looking pathetic and wanting to come out. So I went in and got out his harness and leash (we've never used it outside before). Oops, he's put on some weight since I got the harness. So I just attached the leash to his collar. I picked him up and took him out. I thought that might help him not become a door-darter if I carry him outside instead of letting him cross the threshold. Of course he only walked about 5 feet from the door right up next to the house and proceeded to eat grass. I let him do this for a few minutes then took him back inside. We will do it again another day. But if he starts wanting to run out the door when its open (even though he almost does anyway) then his trips outside will have to stop.
Next time I will bring the camera and get some pictures too.