A few days back, I cooked 2 hamburgers in the toaster oven. One for lunch, and one was going in the fridge for an upcoming busy day.

Once cooked, I took one, put it on the toasted bun, added the works, and went to sit and eat. I closed the over door, to keep the other one warm until I was ready (Sometimes, I end up eating both ha haa).

Decided to take the dogs out; forgot about the other hamburger. Get back and time to clean up in the kitchen and . . . I see the toaster oven door open and the pan is pulled out a bit -- and EMPTY!

I know it was Sparkle, he heee. No idea if she shared the burger, but she was the one to open the door. Since then, the toaster oven door is frequently open; guess she doesn't want to rely on her nose, she wants to check just to be sure!