Dear Zeus, beautiful angel boy~
I'm heartbroken knowing a doggie as beautiful, as sweet, as special as you has left for the Rainbow Bridge so long before your time. I've never met a "Sheppadoodle" before; such a beautiful blend of two of the most beloved breeds! I think you got your love for water from your Poodle side, and your dislike for getting your paws wet from your Shepherd side! Reading the story of you and your "wet socks" put the biggest smile on my face, and I can only imagine the countless more cherished memories you family holds in their hearts. You were only on this earth but a short time, Zeus, but what a legacy you forged in those 7 years, touching the lives of so many, bringing happiness to all you knew and loved. You may no longer be there with your family, physically, but your spirit lives on in their hearts, and I hope that will comfort them until that wonderful day when you all are together again!
Until then, romp happy and healthy and whole at the Rainbow Bridge, sweetheart! I know all of our beloved furangels will be throwing you the biggest party today, celebrating your much deserved Dog of the Day honors, and I hope seeing you being honored here today brings some small measure of comfort to your family. They were SO very blessed to have had a best friend in you!
Love, Sandra