Good morning, Tim, sweet bunny! You had a very scary start in life, oh my goodness. I am so glad you're now safely in your forever home!

How sad that you lost your best buddy Sandy; that must have been very difficult for both your person and you. I'm glad you have a new stuffed pal to give you comfort.

You are such a handsome fellow with your white coat, black markings, and your cute ears! I would love to stroke your fur, because I'll bet you are very soft to pet! Maybe your person will give you some gentle petting for me today. I hope you get some fun play time or maybe a delicious bunny treat to celebrate YOU today! (Gentle petting to your sister-bunny and the guinea pigs too, please.) If you like to be picked up by your Mom, maybe she could pick you up for a hug from me! If not, that's okay too.

It is my pleasure to meet you today, Tim Bunny! You have given a very important message about Easter pets, and done so beautifully! Please add me to your fan club Happy Bunny Pet of the Day to you, precious Tim!