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Thread: I gotsa big problem!

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    I gotsa big problem!

    I had a big problem today, Pettalk!

    Mom brought me outside to play in da yard without my big leash. We gotsa a new fence that I now all of a sudden like to dig under so I am still stuck on da tie-out chain for now. I don't get why, I think running away is fun!

    Mom took me outside with my favorite ball! I wasn't really playing much until...

    I found a nice, chewy stick!

    My first problem was, well.. I didn't know which one to play with first, da stick or da ball! Decisions, life is so stressful.

    My second problem was MOM. She didn't like me chewin' da stick! It was so yummy and tasty. But not very sticky..why is it called a stick?

    SO many problems, I don't even know how to recover from all da stress in life.

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    He hee - looks like a good long stick that will last you a long time! Tell mom it is good for your toofies, and maybe she'll let you keep chewing it!

    Now, Mikey, while you may think running away is fun, you're gonna give your mom a heart attack if ya escape again! You are no match for a speeding car, and she wouldn't want anything to happen to you! I know you are half beagle, so will tend to follow your nose anyway ...
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    Dear Mikey,

    I understand you are part Beagle and it is in your blood to run and run but you have to stay behind the fence and be safe for the people who love you.
    What a great stick!

    Be a good boy and listen to your momma.


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    My boys must agree with you, Mikey. Sticks are the best! I get on to Ethan a lot because he always picks out the ones covered in lichen and gets little bits of it stuck on his tongue. I gotta echo what the others are saying about your new-found habit of running away... you shouldn't do that, young man! Just think, you have that nice, big backyard all to yourself. There's no reason to go conquer any more.
    Stay out of trouble, handsome!

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    Dear Mikey, running away might be fun to you but it can be scary to your mum if she can't find you. I know you and mum go hiking together
    You sure are handsome and I really like the picture of you taking the sun with your best ball!
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    Mikey, da stick is just perfect for ya isn't it? I bet Mom is worried you will swallow bits and pieces. So hard to decide, ball, stick, hmmm.

    This is something you could 'try' I had to put this along the base of my fence: Go to the Home Depot site, and put this in the search box:
    Southern Patio 2 ft. Resin Wrought-Iron Edging

    I had to do this as the fluffs want to slip under the fence. So it may not work for a digger; just one idea to consider.

    I know one friend of mine locally had to dig down and put in concrete under her fence to stop her digger getting out!

    You may also find ideas if you search Google, try things like: stop dog dig fence


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