My two foster kitty girls are both declawed. (Here's their story:!)

A lovely family, a couple who are cat-sitting clients of mine and are excellent pet parents, said they will adopt them. They recently lost one of their beloved boy kitties and they said they thought they were about ready to look for a new friend for him. I said, how about TWO new friends?

They considered that, ran the idea by their two daughters who are in college out of state, and came over to meet the girls on Monday. They liked them and said they'd talk about it and decide.

Since the first kitty is originally from California and that's how I wound up fostering them, the idea was to find them transport back there if an adopter didn't turn up here. Yesterday my CA contact called and said they have one escort and I'd be the other, but the first one has booked the flight for April 3, and that's when I'd need to come with the other cat if they aren't going to be adopted.

I called the potential adopters and told them about the sudden time crunch. They have some hesitation over the girls being declawed because their boy has his claws.

I've had declawed cats here (my recent RB Lavinia, for one) with no problems with my cats with claws, and I know of many other "mixed" populations.

Do any of you have any insights or comments on this, mixing of cats with and without claws? I'm just looking for the best information I can get.

Claudia (the wife) called me late last night, first mentioning that concern and saying they'd like to talke with their vet and see what she says and then decide.

Then she called back and said they'd take the cats, but it will be about 2 1/2 weeks before they can take them.

So I'm just trying to find out whatever I can that might be helpful for them. I do not want this to fall through, but on the other hand if the girls are in any danger then they probably shouldn't go to that home.

Thank you,
Pat and Kitty and Kellie (the fosters)