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Thread: Poppaea has a URI

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    Poppaea has a URI

    I just had her at the vet on Monday for blood work, to check on her kidneys. Things are pretty much the same there, and I continue to give her 100 ml of fluids and kidney wet food (Purina NF).

    He diagnosed the URI and also a lower resp infection and gave me some Doxycycline to give her .35 ml every other day. I just gave her her third dose today. She still is weezing some. He wants to hear back from me today maybe see her again, or give her some more medication.

    I have her in the bedroom with "my" cats, because she's been with them since she came down with this. I have my two fosters in the living room. I'm continuing to keep them separate because I don't want the fosters to pick up the URI. (They have a potential new home to go to in a couple of weeks.) They were just finishing medication for URIs when I brought them here from the Michigan Humane Society.

    I don't know if Sparkler is catching that. (See my other message here in Cat Health about her appetite being off.) I don't have another place to isolate Poppaea, because I only have the two rooms, living room and bedroom.

    Would the steam treatment that Karen's vets recommended for Mary's Coco Puff be helpful perhaps? Any other suggestions?

    Pat (and cats)
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