Sparkler spends most of her time under my bed. At meal time she comes over to the edge and chows down there.

The last few days she hasn't been coming. I leave dry food, but I don't think she eats it. I've found I can urge her from one end and she comes out at the other end and goes into the bottom level of kitty condo, and I've been able to give her some wet food there.

I told the vet yesterday, and he said he'd like to take a look at her.

She is almost impossible to get ahold of and really freaks if I try to struggle her into a carrier. That's if I can get ahold of her at all. This week I've also not been seeing her under the bed, and I'm quite sure she is crawling up into the bed spring box, the bottom of which is all ripped up.

Any suggestions, how I can get her, how I can get her into a safe space, how I can get her to the vet's? How I can get her appetite back?

I'm just at a loss and feel awful.

Thank you,
Pat (and cats)