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    Handsome Ukki

    Hi Ukki, I never realized that snakes or other reptiles could be very sociable with people. I hope you get a special snake treat today!
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    Ukki, you are VERY handsome, and with such a nice demeanor! You seem to enjoy human attention and affection and I wish I could meet and hold you! There probably isn't much call for therapy snakes, but it there is you should be visiting people in nursing homes/hospitals to spread good cheer for those not skiddish of snakes. Even for those that are, you could be a goodwill ambassador and help them realize there is nothing to fear. I wish you a very happy POTD celebration and you are indeed a dapper dude with your hat and cane . . . .

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    You're a handsome boy Ukki! Congrats on being POTD!
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    Dashing Ukki!

    Hi Ukki! Happy Pet of the Day to you!
    Oh, what a handsome, dashing, debonair fellow you are, simply irresistible! That photo of you in your top hat, with cane, is THE BEST!And I have to disagree with your person, though...your markings and coloring are simply beautiful, and so is your sweet and gentle personality! Snake ear kisses? hehe That's a first for me, and I can just imagine how special it is for your human to be on the receiving end of those love licks! What a wonderful ambassador for snakes near and far you are, Ukki, and we give you and your person great thanks for devoting a part of your lives to educating the public re: the great rewards of snake guardianship! Impossible to meet you and not fall in love. But lucky family yours, at the end of the day you're all theirs!
    What a very special boy you are, Ukki, and how lucky your family is, especially your *special person*, having a loyal and loving best friend, a counselor and comforter in you! Bless you for being their to help heal her heart after the passing of her Grandma...You're not only a heart stealer, you're a heart healer!
    Enjoy your much deserved day in the spotlight, sweetheart! I'm sure your family is going to make it a very special day, for sure! And oh, won't all of your "students" and everyone at the Madison Area Herpetological Society be excited when they hear you've been inducted into the Pet Talk Hall of Fame!
    Lots of love and gentle strokes to you, beautiful Ukki! Long and happy life to you!

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