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Thread: My blue eyed boy Coco Puff

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    My blue eyed boy Coco Puff

    I thought I was going to lose him last night. He has awful sinusitis and it's practically an ongoing condition. Last night as I was putting the Fur Posse to bed, I couldn't find him. He was in the basement in the praying position. His breathing was labored at best and, of course, Dr. Lee's clinic was closed. So I put him in bed w/me but he jumped down and wanted to sleep on the floor. His breathing turned into gurgling, then he let out a big sigh and then I heard nothing. Nothing at all. I jumped out of bed and bent down to listen to his breathing but I still couldn't hear anything so I shook him and, thankfully, he stirred. I thought I had heard the death rattle, so I didn't sleep a wink last night. Coco Puff never moved all night. He didn't eat, drink or use the litter box, so that scared me as well. I called Dr. Lee and told them to expect me in the morning and Dr. Lee told me that he doesn't have pneumonia but he has a severe URI and his nasal passages are filled w/mucous. So he gave him a Depo shot and one of Convenia and I'm to give him Clindamycin on top of that. I may end up having to put him on Prednisolone if he doesn't improve markedly but I really don't want to do that b/c I don't want him to get fat like Creamsicle did. However, if it's all I have to do to keep him somewhat healthy, I will. Sigh. This has been a crazy couple of months.

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    Poor boy and how scary for you. I hope that the meds will help him and that he'll recover quickly. My Sky was diagnosed with mild asthma but he doesn't need to be on any meds long term. He was put on pred short term and it did help him breathe easier but he would become so hungry that he's cry late at night or in the early morning hours. Hopefully he won't need to be put on pred. Lots of prayers and positive thoughts are being sent is way. Please take care. (((HUGS)))
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    Gosh I bet you got NO sleep! I hope the shots help poor Coco Puff! Someone here on PT posted about a wonderful med that really helped her cat - it's called Zeniquin.

    Here is the post - it's #2. It's from 2004 but hope it helps.
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    How scarey for you, Mary. I am so sorry you had such a night and happy to read he is on the recovery path. Paws crossed all the meds work.

    If he does go on prednisone, ask your vet about adding milk thistle. We do this with dogs when they have to take a steroid, but I do not know about cats. I learned about it on a dog forum, and when I ask my vet, she said, oh yes you can do that I do for my dogs, but as a licensed vet I am not allowed to say anything about herbals as they are not regulated by the FDA. And she gave me the dose - same as the forum folks had said - for the dog.

    Steriods are hard on the liver, the milk thistle helps the liver regenerate and heal itself. I DO NOT KNOW IF YOU CAN GIVE IT TO CATS, so ask.

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    Oh, my God, Mary... and Coco Puff. What a night you have had! We are sending all our prayers and good wishes and healing energies that you can get this under control.

    Please keep us posted.

    {{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}} and ~~~~~~~PURRS~~~~~~~ and ,
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    Thanx, Candace, for reminding me about Zeniquin. One of my cats was on it before but I can't remember which one. I'll have to check. Sandie, I will definitely ask about milk thistle if he has to go on Pred. Thanx for the info.

    I'm about ready to drop so I think I'll take a cat nap.

    "Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all." Ecclesiastes 9:11

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    Coco Puff is such a beautiful boy! I hope he responds to the meds and gets better very quickly! It must have been very scary being up all night making sure he was breathing. We do love our babies, don't we?
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