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    Hi Haru, you should have come with an "Awww Alert"! You are so adorable, but the picture of you sleeping is just so cute that it made me go awwww. Happy dotd to you...
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    You're a pretty girl Haru!!! Congrats on being DOTD! Have a fun day!
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    Haruko, I agree with opschick - you definitely get a cuteness warning from me! AWWWWW! What a beautiful girl you are with your pretty face and your tan, black and white coat! Your fur looks so lovely and plush, I'll bet you are super-soft to pet. You are a busy lady - going for walks, doing laps around your house, wrestling with your human, letting your people know play time is NOT over! And collecting pine cones- what a smart girl! Please have your people give you a big hug for me and maybe some extra playing time -- I enjoyed meeting you today! Happy Dog of the Day to you, sweet Haru!
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    Haru, what a pretty girl you are and it looks like you take care of your best Friend. I think you must be a lot of fun to take a walk with and your friend must have a lot of pine combs, lol. Sending hugs to a very Sweet Haru, Congratulations.

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    Fabulous, fetching Haru!

    Hi Haru! Happy Dog of the Day to you! Your name meaning "springtime child" in Japanese, it's only fitting that on this, the first day of spring, you would be chosen of very special honoree!
    What a beautiful, foxy girl you are, Haru, with a personality just as fetching! Speaking of fetching, hehe, are you sure there isn't some Retriever in you? You could give my Lab a run for the money...or ball, or pine cone! Love that shot of you with one of your beloved pine cones in your mouth (that's a jumbo sized one, lol), one no doubt headed for your "collection!" Yes, you are one VERY special girl, Haru, and your rightfully proud person so very blessed to have a furkid as loyal and loving, as devoted as you to call her/his very own, bringing so much joy and comfort to her life! What a heavenly match you two make, and I hope for you both many, many years of shared love and companionship!
    Thanks for the BIG smile, sweet baby girl! Hope you're enjoying a very happy, fun filled Dog of the Day, fetching your heart out, being spoiled rotten!
    Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you, precious Haru!

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    Hello Haru, What a pretty girl you are! I enjoyed reading about you and seeing all the great photos. No doubt you are loved and have a good home. I laughed when I read you like to collect pine cones. My Sissy grabs one every time we walk and then tries to eat it. Back to you, I hope you all have many years together. Congrats on being DOTD!


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