perhaps someone on here can give us some help. sometime this weekend, we saw that our cat, ringer, was dragging his right foot. it looked like it was broken because of the way it was just hanging. the night before, Ringer, was trying to jump up on the couch and didn't make it. he usually comes into the living room with us and sits on the chairs or couch. well, he tried to jump up but didn't make it so he walked around the couch and came up the other way. we didn't notice that he was dragging his foot until Saturday. The foot was bent like backwards almost like it wasn't there. when we touched it he didn't cry out too much at all but we noticed he was dragging that foot.
so we had to bring the litter box upstairs and one thing also, he started going into the closet to lay down which is not like him. we have a first floor bedroom and he usually has several places he likes to sleep but that closet has never been one of them. the other day i was home from work and calling him to come eat. i couldnt find him until i saw his little face peeking out from that closet. and he is like hiding in there now. its a change in his routine. but back to his foot. we started trying to help him into the litter box because of his foot and putting his food right in front of him. today he is at the doctor's because we didnt know what to do since he wasnt crying out in pain or anything except when you touched his foot, even then, he didnt seem like he was in pain.

but my friend picked him up today because he was hiding from us and he went to the bathroom all over him. so now he is at the vets. my friends think he had a stroke.
but do cats have strokes?