Hi fellow kitties,
I'm sorry it has been so long since I last checked in. Meowmie got all kinds of mad at computers again (she does that on a fairly regular basis) and put ours someplace where she didn't even have to look at it. She gave in when I told her how very much I miss my kitty pals here at PT.

I got a call from our penguin pal, Pete. He has a great idea and wants to know if we're interested. Winter has been pretty tough up there as it has been for many of us. Pete and our other penguin pals would like us to join them for a blow-out weekend to welcome the arrival of spring in grand style.

So, what do you think? We're about due for another getaway and the penguins are always so much fun to be with. Once those of you who are up for the trip check in, we can start working on the details and set a definite date. What do you say, fellow kitties, are you ready for a party?

Your friend,