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Thread: Hiya, PT!

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    Hiya, PT!

    Hi guys! Mom has been really really bad lately, she hasn't shared pictures of me in like, 5 months. Personally, I think that is close to abuse! But she claims she has an excuse, she said she really "buckled down" this semester with all her classes and she's doing tons better, but it keeps her busy. She also got a new "job", actually it's at the "PARK", she's so LUCKY she gets too go there every day, I am jealous, but she also promises to take me a lot more because her hours at this place are a lot better. She's happy she has a job in her "field" now.

    I've gained some weight according to Mommy, but she said I will surely get back to my six pack figure soon, 'cause we're gonna go hiking a lot! Walks aren't enough to satisfy me! I miss chasin' the fish at the park!

    This was me on my bed the other night. I am so good looking!

    Mom was studying for a "Lab Practical", I clearly helped out a lot!

    This is when Mom calls me "Snaggle tooth"!

    And this is me and my buddy, Rico! He's a baby, but he's fun! We get to play off leash soon.

    This is me hiking a few weeks ago, that seems like ages!

    This is my most recent style of "begging"..

    and this is one of my favorite views in the park!

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    Hey there, good to see you! We sure have missed you, but we know mom studying IS important, so she can provide a better future and more toys for YOU some day!
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    Hi, Mikey! Your wish is my command! I like that you have your paw right on the M - for Mikey - in this picture! I'm glad you were helping Mom to study for her lab practical - I can tell how much you helped her I hope you get to return to your favorite hiking place and enjoy some play time with Rico very soon! Could you please have Mom give you some petting and hugs from me.

    Your admiring fan,
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    Good to see you Mikey! I like the way you help your mommy with her homework!
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    Oh Mikey, it's so good to see you again, it's been too long. You're just as cute and adorable as ever I see. Excellent job helping mommie study for her school stuff! You keep being a good boy, let mommie do the work she needs to and all good things will come your way. Take care you two!
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    Mom says thanks for the comments guys!

    I had a scary day today I went to the V-E-T. I usually like the VET cause I love attention but today we went to a new one that opened down the block. My mom used to be in an FFA Animal Science program in High School and Mom knew this Vet from there, and she said he is real nice and real good! He didn't seem to remember her though! I barked a whole lot, since I have to announce that I have arrived. There was a bird in the lobby and he made me howl a little, then when the Dr. finally came in I was a good boy. He said I am really healthy and my weight is perfect! Mom said he said I was a good boy cause I didn't bite. My tail was down though but I would never think to bite a human, what silly dog would do such a thing?

    Anywho, it was tons of fun after even though I got a shot cause they Vet gave me a treat and there was a pointer in the lobby who wanted to PLAY. We had fun!


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