I think this topic has been brought up before but since it has just recently started in our herd...is it possible for a cat to...well..."lose it"? Our Oatmeal is about 10, give or take a few (original street stray so no real idea on age). Other than a strange supposed seizure moment a good 10 years back he has always been the healthy one of the herd. I think this started late last fall but he has started "crying" a lot...I say crying but it isn't a "i'm in pain" type of cry. I almost think it is a "where are you" cry as when I answer he not only quiets down but comes right to where I am. It is almost as if he needs confirmation of where we are, he can't find us on his own. He has become very lovey with my husband in the morning, sits on his lap after he eats breakfast and just purrs and purrs...every so often, maybe 3 times over the past 4 months, he will start to jump up on something that he has jumped on millions of times, and he misses. I think he has even tripped over his own paws a few times. But again it is a very rare thing. He still gets the crazies and just zooms all over the house, and has boxing matches with a few of the other cats, eats normally...any ideas out there?