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Thread: Televisions

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    We only have one in the living room and I plan for it to stay that way. It doesn't run that much since neither my husband or I are fond of it running unless we are actively watching and I for sure do not like background noise. To be honest I would be fine with no TV as long as I have internet, haha.

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    I forgot to say something about radio........

    I usually listen to classic rock on the air, but with the playlists pre programmed, you hear the same songs time after time. Doris turned me on to National Public Radio and I really do enjoy the Prairie Home Companion; Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me and I heard a new program I had never heard before, Says You!

    PHC is a funny, creative show and the other two are talk/game shows - a break from the somber tone that usually is broadcast.

    NPR does have a little something for everyone - news, talk and silliness.

    Always thought NPR was for boring people, So I grew up to be boring - but a little smarter for listening!

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    Technically we have three. One in our room that isn't hooked up to anything lol. We used to have the DVD player hooked up to it for days when Hannah wasn't feeling well or was tired and wanted to snuggle in our bed with a movie. So now it's just a TV that collects dust lol.

    One in Hannah's room that is hooked up to DVD and VHS player but no cable. Again for those times where she's not feeling well or is just tired and wants to snuggle in bed with a movie.

    Then we have our main TV in the living room that we use.

    R.I.P my dear Sweet Teddy. You will be missed forever. We love you.

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    I have one. Its not hooked up to anything but a VCR. I have an amazing stereo system though.

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    First of all, really and truly, I'm not much of a TV watcher. I have basic cable only, and there are very few things I actually watch. I do, however run lots of DVDs, and so that's mostly what my four TVs are used for.

    Yeah, four, with only one person in the house. One in the basement, one in the bedroom, one in the kitchen, and one in the library. The last one hardly ever gets used, it's not hooked up to cable. The kitchen one gets the most use, as i try to multi-task when I do watch TV, doing dishes or folding laundry or something like that.

    I grew up in a small house where of necessity the TV was always right next to the piano. So whenever I wanted to watch TV, my brother was practicing the piano. When I wanted to practice the piano, he was watching TV. So I made a vow to myself that as an adult, I would never allow the piano and the TV to be in the same room. Of course that doesn't matter when you live alone, but I still hold fast to my refusal to ever put a TV in the living room.


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