Hello Ellie, you are a pretty girl and I'm glad you're learning to live in peace with yourself and your human. Life is good and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest from this point forward. I think your Lab heritage is showing in your picture with the wet belly and wet hind legs...could there be a little mud there too? If there is, so what, have fun!!! How anyone could abuse a pup like you is totally beyond me and I know that's hard to deal with but with the love and devotion of you human, healing can happen...according to your story, it's already happening and I feel confident the healing will continue. I've had many rescues and I currently have three rescues that are truly wonderful companions. I have seen love for an animal and from an animal work wonders. It can happen and it does happen and I pray for your complete recovery. Lastly, Congratulations of being our beloved Dog Of The Day.