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Thread: Hi everyone. It's been a while, I know.

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    Hi everyone. It's been a while, I know.

    I'm presently recovering from another jaw surgery so I figured now is a good time to introduce the new additions to my Fur Posse. I swore I would not take in any more cats. I was at a comfortable 4 and my household was peaceful. Well, no more. I hope I can remember how to post pix.

    The first two are of Tiger Kitty aka TK aka Mr. T. He's a snaggle toothed old tiger cat that I've been feeding and sheltering for about a year. He wouldn't let me near him, not even while he ate. I had to go inside and close the door before he'd eat. However, a little over a month ago he came limping to his food dish and I thought "Ok, that's it. You're going to see Dr. Lee". He willingly let me pick him up and didn't fight me when I put him in a carrier. I thought his leg might be broken but it had an abscess from a bite wound. He also had a temp of 105, a broken tooth and an URI. He was a mess, poor boy. So Dr. Lee tested him before any treatment. He has FIV and his FeLV was inconclusive so Dr. Lee said that he hated to euthanize him and he said "Maybe it's my OCD but I'd like to test him for FeLV again later." So we did and he does NOT have FeLV, thankfully. He cannot be an indoor only kitty, though, b/c Dr. Lee said that FIV is usually transmitted from a bite and I can't trust that he won't bite any of my indoor cats. Also b/c sneezing is one of the banes of FIV, my indoor cats could get some of the spray or if they drank from the same water dish, then they could contract FIV. I can't risk that b/c all of my cats are special needs except for Specs. They have enough piled on them w/o adding to it. So I'm having a kitty door installed in my garage this week. There is already a shelter in my garage and that's where TK has been living peacefully. I put hot compresses of Epsom salts water on the abscess after Dr. Lee cleaned him up and he no longer limps. His temp is normal now and I had him neutered and had the broken tooth extracted so he's in good shape. I need to have him immunized before I release him to the outdoors where he has another shelter where he can stay if the weather is nice. When it's nasty out there, he can shelter in my garage. He's already gained two pounds. LOL Best of all, he has become such a love bug. He runs to me when I go into the garage rather than run from me as he used to do. I said that he had deadly eyes b/c he'd always give me that half lidded stare but it's b/c he was so sick. Now he's wide eyed and his eyes are bright and that makes me feel so good to know that he's healthier than he's been in a long time.

    The next two are of Gracie aka Princess Grace aka Shadow. She's a Yodie/Yoder look-alike and she's approx. 2 years old. She was super friendly when she showed up on my patio so I figured she belonged to someone but she slept in the shelter and showed no intention of leaving. So I did my due diligence. I posted fliers, checked for "lost cat" fliers, visited several vets offices to ask if anyone lost a cat and posted info on their bulletin boards. Nothing. No response at all. So she's mine. She's got the sweetest disposition. It's like having Boo and Pidge back again b/c Boo loved to sleep next to me and so does Gracie and Pidge was so sweet and Gracie is, too. However, Yodie hates her. She stalks her, waits while she's in the litter box. She sits on the lid and pounces like a ninja cat when Gracie walks out of the box. I've caught her a few times just ready to pounce. Gracie holds her own but Yodie is the alpha female and she's definitely letting Gracie know. It's gotten a little better recently, though, not sure why but I don't care why, just so they get along.

    I posted the last pic of Yodie so that you can see how much she and Gracie look alike. My friends think that's why Yodie hates Gracie but does Yodie really know what she herself looks like? I don't know.

    My neighbor and I also found a cat that was really sick. His eyes were sealed shut w/green mucous and he had labored breathing. I didn't think he'd make it to Dr. Lee's so I called my local vet and said it was an emergency. She took us right in and he had FeLV, so we had him PTS. If he belonged to someone, then shame on them for allowing him to get in such bad shape. We definitely did him a favor by sending him to the Bridge and I was there stroking him and talking to him and telling him that Puddy, Boo, Peeka, Pidge and Buddy were all there to greet him. Then the vet said "And the best vet in the world, Dr. LeBeau". That's when I broke down b/c I sure do miss that man.

    So it's been an eventful couple of months, to say the least. This recent jaw surgery was more invasive so the pain was ramped up but I've got it under control. Nothing keeps me down for too long. I hope that all is well w/all of you. I apologize for not posting for so long. No excuses other than life.
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    "Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all." Ecclesiastes 9:11

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    Good to hear from you, and thanks for posting the newcomers! You have had an eventful run haven't you? Prayers you recover well from your surgery! Keep us updated!

    ​GO RAVENS!!

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    Wow - do Yodie and Gracie ever look alike! Sisters! Though Yoder doesn't see it that way... . I am glad things are better.

    Looking forward to a wide-eyed pic of Mr. T. What a handsome boy! How are his sniffles doing?

    I am also glad that your pain is under control. I hope the surgeries have worked and that you won't need any more. HUGS! And thanks for sharing the pics. Scritchies to all your furbabies.
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    TK's sniffles are still there but not like they were. He would sneeze so hard that he would actually shake and practically fall over. When he ate, he snorted b/c he couldn't breathe but that's at least not the case now. I hope to get a few more good pix of him w/those big wide eyes.

    I hope this is the last of my surgeries, too. The pain isn't all that bad but I'm limited on what I can do. No working out and that bugs me. I gain weight so quickly when I eat nothing but soft foods. I was making good progress and now I can't work out until my dr. gives me the word. Hopefully, when I go in next Mon. he'll say it's ok. I still have 10 -16 weeks of follow up, though. I want to be able to fit into my spring/summer clothes b/c I won't be buying anything new for a while. My ins. co. does not pay for the surgery if there is any dental involved and, of course, there is, so I have a $36,000.00 bill to pay over 8 months. I'll finish up just in time to think about buying Christmas presents. LOL

    "Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all." Ecclesiastes 9:11

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    Dear Mary, welcome back! It's so good to "see" you again.

    Thank you and God bless you for taking in TK and Gracie and taking such good care of them and for giving that last guy a peaceful and loving journey to the Bridge.

    Best wishes and prayers that you don't need any more surgery and you recover comfortably, with the pain lessening and your physical activity increasing shortly.

    Pat and cats

    P.S., just today I came across one of my old "Law of Abundance" checks and thought of you, of course. And then, here you are again!
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    CATS, he said eventually. CATS ARE NICE.

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    Glad you are back, and that's a true Pet Talker - the main focus of the post is the kitties, not you surgery! Glad you have your own pain under control at last, and we do hope that's the end of jaw surgery for you for a long, long, long time!
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