Hi, if any is interested in knowing how many carbs are in the following cat foods here's a list that I received from a Wellness Representative:

Dry Cat Foods (as fed)

Complete Health Chicken 29.5% Carbs

Complete Health Salmon 29.6% Carbs

Healthy Weight 41.6% Carbs

Kitten 28.4% Carbs

Indoor Health 37.9% Carbs

Core Original 17.9% Carbs

Core Turkey, Turkey Meal& Duck 23.97% Carbs

Core Indoor 26.65% Carbs

Core Kitten 18.01% Carbs

Canned Cat Foods

Kitten 1.9% Carbs

Chicken 1.7% Carbs

Chicken & Herring 2.1% Carbs

Beef & Chicken 1.4% Carbs

Turkey 1.6% Carbs

Turkey & Salmon 1.7% Carbs

Salmon & Trout 2.8% Carbs

Chicken & Lobster 3.8% Carbs

Beef & Salmon 2.12% Carbs

Core Canned Cat Foods

Chicken, Turkey, & Chicken Liver 3.09% Carbs

Salmon, Whitefish, & Herring 4.65% Carbs

Beef, Venison & Lamb 1.95% Carbs

Turkey & Duck 1.89% Carbs

Indoor 3.27% Carbs

Kitten 2.03% Carbs

Carbs in Wellness Canned Cat Cuts

Chicken Cubed: 2.81%

Chicken Minced:2.94%

Chicken Sliced:2.85%

Salmon Cubed:2.72%

Salmon Sliced: 2.71%

Salmon Minced: 2.49%

Tuna Cubed: 3.52%

Tuna Minced:3.32%

Turkey and Salmon Cubed: 3.33%

Turkey and Salmon Sliced: 3.47%

Turkey and Salmon Minced: 3.60%

Turkey Cubed: 3.48%

Turkey Minced:3.72

Turkey Sliced:3.58%

I also called Merrick and asked about the carb content in both the chicken and the salmon Before Grain dry cat food. Here's what the lady said:

Before Grain Chicken dry: 27%
Before Grain Salmon dry: 25%

As I had mentioned in another thread, Wellness and Merrick don't use ethoxyquin as a preservative. They only use natural preservatives.