Dad had to see the dentist yesterday morning; after that we stopped by my house before turning to the nursing home.

Dad lived here over 10 years. Has not been here since Oct 22d. He did not recognize it all. None of it, not the family room, his bedroom, his bathroom, the back yard where he had his garden for so many years.

The pets were thrilled to see him! Riley was in his lap before he even settled in the chair (she is on the arm of the chair in the photos). Willy hopped right in his lap too. Sparkle visited with him (don't think she is in the photos) and then Crystal - the one I always called "his" cat, I was just her servant, lol. Kept taking photos, sorry they are a bit blurred.

Crystal in his arm in the first 3 photos, then she took a poke around on the table. As you can see, she dove right in to get his full scent, lol.

Of course the dogs visit him often, and Sparkle went in to visit just yesterday. Crystal hasn't seen him since Oct 22d; she has only in the last 2 weeks started coming to me for petting and sleeping on my bed with me at night. She kept holding out for his return.

It was nice to see him here, but strange as he had no idea he had ever been here. He did not know where his bedroom and bath were I had to show him.