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    in the path

    Well, after dodging two bullets (the last two snowstorms), the Pittsburgh area is in the path of the newest, I think it's name is Saturn. It's predicted we could get maybe 6" or more tuesday night into wednesday. It will start out as rain then turn to snow. Boy, I'm SO glad I'm out of the snow shoveling business!!

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    Same here Wednesday ~~~ 4" - 8". Why couldn't it snow when I wanted it to? I don't want it now, and I'm ready for Spring to get here. Time changes this weekend - woo-hoo!!!
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    They have been changing their mind seemingly every ten minutes as to what the storm will bring to who as it heads east - whether we'll get snow, or rain, or how much is different every place one turns! I still have snowbanks in the front from previous storms, although the back yard is about 50/50 snow and clear ground! We had snow last night that didn't accumulate, as we did on Sunday ... air snow. We'll see what happens with this storm!
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    The forecast for Chicago area is 6 to 10 inches starting between 4 and 6 AM. I thought last week's snow might be the end; I was wrong. I noticed the days are getting longer, though - it's staying light out past 5:30
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    What's buggering up the forecast for the East is the large low over the Canadian Maritimes which cannot seem to make up its mind whether or not to vamoose.
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    Yeah, they're expecting 2-4 inches total. That usually means that the higher elevations get the snow, we get MAYBE a dusting and some rain. Doesn't matter to me, I'm stuck home recuperating from shoulder surgery and not going anywhere.

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