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Thread: Make me choose, you're gonna loose!

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    Make me choose, you're gonna loose!


    Dated this guy for a while. We broke up in January. Now he's texting me and wants to get back together. His condition, I give up Cali and Diego!!! Yes, you read that correctly - he wants me to give up my cats for HIM!

    And my response to this - hit the road Jack, don't ya look back!

    There is NO WAY in this world I'd give up my cats for ANYONE!!!!! See ya.
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    Exactly! Anyone who wants you to give up beloved pets is just NOT worth it!
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    Good for you, Gayle. Sounds like this guy has an overinflated ego - and that's just for starters. No man would be worth giving up my furkids for - and I do mean NONE & NEVER......
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    "Deal! As long as we get YOU neutered!" What an idiot!
    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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    Stick to your guns. From personal experience, these people who make such demands on you are controlling and insecure.
    There will always be something they want you to change about yourself to prove that you love them. But, they are so insecure that they never stop trying to make you prove it.

    Like my Grandma used to say. "If you settle for what you've got, you deserve what you get."
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    Clearly he is not an animal person, and that means not a good match anyhow! Not missing a thing Gayle. GOOD FOR YOU!


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