I bought an English Bulldog about 6 months ago. He turned 1 yr old on September 23, 2012. When we brought him home he was somewhat punchy. We thought it was because of unfamiliar ground. He has since nestled in, however, he still continues to cower and back himself into a corner. I am married and have two grown daughters, and a 17 yr old step son. Here are the issues that I am dealing with and don't know how to deal with:
1. He becomes very, very aggressive when my step son walks in the door, he growls and on occasion has lunged at him. This has also occurred when my daughters boyfriend comes over to visit. I have noticed that he is more aggressive toward men than women.
2. On occasion, he has jumped on furniture and peed, ugh, what is up with that. He is lavished in affection from my girls and I, I don't understand this behavior.
3. Trying to keep him off my furniture is almost impossible. Any suggestions here.
He is neutered. Any input is appreciated, I don't want to have to get rid of him, but I cannot have a liability in the house either. Overwhelmed and don't know what to do.