Please pray for Cassie and me. After she ate this morning, she started wiping her mouth with her paws, chattering her teeth and drooling. She wasn't able to close her mouth. Things improved only slightly after a couple of hours so I did take her to the emergency vet. The vet was not able to close her mouth. She is very thin and her kidneys feel very small. The vet does not think I have much time left with her. They offered me the option of blood work, x-rays and keeping her overnight for fluids. I could not think straight so I asked that they put her back in the carrier so I could bring her home. Now I think I should have let them keep her there for blood work and fluids. The bill for x-rays, blood work and fluids would have been $625. I was there alone with her and was not expecting them to diagnose her with something as significant as this. I brought her home, she stepped right out of the carrier and now she is right here with me. I truly don't know what I should have done. She is back to licking her mouth and pawing at it; I'm not sure why. They asked if she could have hit her head on anything or fallen from anything. Unless she hit her head or fell when I wasn't home, I don't know of such an occurrence. There was also blood on the thermometer when they took her temperature. They did say that pts was an option but I was in no position to make that decision. She is here with me, I have syringes to try to get fluids down her if she doesn't drink on her own. I do not know what to do now except to stay right here and keep an eye on her. Please say a prayer for us; I just want my kitty girl back. She seemed fine this morning before she ate, meowing and following me around as she usually does.

Thank you all,