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Thread: Post Extraction cat food? HELP!

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    I just wanted to add that I called both Merrick & Wellness this morning to ask them if they use ethoxyquin in any of their cat foods that have fish in them. They don't. They only use natural preservatives. It's great to know that my cats are eating good quality food.
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    Cat's can be so picky. I've tried almost all the "good" canned foods: Merrick Before Grain, Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul, Newman's Own, Orijen, Fromm's Surf and Turf, Wilderness, Wellness, Royal Canin, just sooo many. My boys will eat just about any dry there is, so they only get good ones, but the only healthy wet they will even eat a bit of is Wellness Chicken and Herring. My vet said after Ming's last blockage to feed him more wet, whether it's healthy or not, he NEEDS the water in his diet! So, I am now giving them Friskies Special Diet for urinary tracts and he is doing fine! I HATE feeding him this stuff, but he won't eat any of the others and when he doesn't eat wet, he blocks. So, Friskies it is.
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    I'm trying a lot of different foods right now to see if something really different from what I'm giving them would make they go cuckoo nuts for the food. The appetite stimulant DOES work - they scarf down their usual food (Natural Balance, Fancy Feast 1x a day as a treat; Whiskas Temptations or EVO treats) with no problem when they're on this Kitty Cannabis They LOVED the Trader Joe's canned chicken cat food - go figure! It is cheap, but the ingredients look pretty okay although no reviews by Petsumer Reports.

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