Josie had her teeth cleaned and most of them extracted about a week and a half ago. She has her sharp teeth - the canines, but no others. At first she was eating okay - slurping the Rx Science Diet A/D (garbage food IMHO) and trying to eat her crunchies. Now she's becoming more difficult to feed. Her gums look healthy and I don't think she's in any pain, but she's even rejecting the Fancy Feast that she used to so love. The only things she will eat are Whiskers Temptations treats - definitely NOT a food replacement.

I've tried several different foods and will continue. She's turning her nose up at the Natural Balance (dry) which she used to love. Any tips? Is there a softer dry food that you've had success with for your gummy kittehs?

As they are copy cats, now Marbles is becoming more picky about eating too and is starting to refuse to eat the stuff that she used to eat, mostly because Josie's isn't eating. HELP!