Hey Barney, you and your person seem like a great team. I am convinced by my own experiences and you guys are also a testament to the notion that LOVE can accomplish great things. What it has done for you two is amazing and wonderful. To Barney's person: Whenever I see a dog that's in need of a home and a family, I think they have the same potential that Barney has shown. I have three rescues that turned-out tremendously well and they all get along like the loving family they are. I am very thankful when a dog like Barney gets a new lease on life in the form of a good home and loving family. Love can surely conquer some of the most formidable foes. Back to Barney: Congratulations of being our very worthy Dog Of The Day. Me and mine wish for you and yours a long and happy life together. I'm very glad that your person is cancer free, so you keep up your nursing and rehabilation duties and keep that cancer chased out of there. Cheers.