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Thread: Photos from Nemo, Blizzard of 2013 photo heavy

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    Photos from Nemo, Blizzard of 2013 photo heavy

    Here are pics I took during our big snow storm!

    Feb 8 the snow started about 1 in the afternoon. I -- and lots of other folks! - spent the morning doing errands. By evening this is what it looked like from inside my garage:

    By bedtime (about 10 PM) we had white out conditions - same view:

    From the other corner of my garage:

    Next morning, fluffs had to go out the back door:

    The way the wind blows, my back yard remains down to the grass near the house, with this huge drift further out in the back yard:

    You really can't see the school back there

    Lots more photos to come!
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