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Thread: Zoe to the vet Update #22 Another update #25

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    Zoe to the vet Update #22 Another update #25

    It's 5:30 a.m. I have dozed fitfully since 4:30 a.m. I am never up this early but couldn't get back to sleep.

    Last night Cole was lying down on a shelving unit I put by the window in my office. It has a pillow and a comfy mat. The edge of the short curtains was on the pillow and mat and he started to slip.

    I went to help him but he semi-fell to the floor, right in front of Zoe. She did a banshee freak-out, thinking she was being attacked. She went at Cole so fiercely that he peed himself. I hauled her out.
    Oscar waited outside the office door for her and chased her under the bed and hissed at her. Cole's protector I guess.

    Not long after I went to bed Zoe got up and lay down by my left side and went to sleep. Oscar was on the other side of me. About 2 am Zoe spotted him and lunged for him; I had my hand on her so pulled her back. She went under the bed, a favourite spot.

    4:30 am - Oscar is watching Zoe who is giving little growls under the bed. I had taken two small rags and sprayed Feliway on them...I know it doesn't work fast, but I had to try something so early.

    ANYway, Zoe went on another banshee attack on Oscar. Again I pulled her away and she ran under the bed. I then noticed I needed a couple of bandaids, one on my right hand and the other on my left foot.

    When I brought Zoe home just over 2 years ago things were going very well. Then there was another 'accidental' attack where all three of them went on a gallop out of my room and down the hall. Zoe, 9 lbs, was sandwiched between Cole and Oscar, each 16 lbs on a good day. They got to the living room and she attacked, banshee screams and all. Cole wet himself again. I kept Zoe separately in my bedroom for 3 or 4 days.

    I will call the vet tomorrow. My regular vet is not in til Tuesday. I think Zoe needs a good checkup at least, a geriatric one, and maybe something mild and long term to take the edge off until she gets more comfortable with my two.

    I wish I could turn the clock back, but I can't.

    Prayers and good thoughts for Zoe and a more peaceful household, please. Thank you.

    So I will call the vet tomorrow
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