Sadie is spending the night at the emergency vet tonight and we are facing some difficult decisions about her health. She is in a very similar situation to what my Mom's Dazzi just went through with a large mass that appears to be on her spleen.

She went in for her routine annual check up a week ago Friday and all was well. By Sunday night, she wasn't interested in eating. She was acting a lot like she has in the past when she was getting a bladder infection, so I collected a urine sample and took her in Monday. Urine was good, blood work was okay, some numbers just a little off, temp just a little high. The vet put her on Rimadyl and an antiobiotic and things seemed to be getting better. she was eating although not up to her usual apptetite. Thursday was a good day. We gave her Cincy's food instead of hers and she ate well. Ralph took her for a walk and she chased a squirrel in our yard. She came down to the basement while we were playing.

This morning, she was having trouble walking. Her back end was weak and it took a lot of coaxing (and some canned food) to get her to eat. We thought we might be facing somthing like Cinder was last year and called my parents to see if we could get some medicine from them. They came up and while they were her, she starting having trouble with her front legs too. At that point we decided to take her in.

Her temp was 104.5 and an abdominal x-ray revealed the mass. We don't know if any of that has any impact on her ability to walk, or if that is totally unrelated. We tried to consulte our vet, but he was in bed with the flu and his wife, being so super sweet, took the time to talk to us, take all the information and tried to wake him. She promised to have him call in the morning.

We have since talked to the ER vet and Sadie is resting comfortbaly tonight. Her temp is back to normal and the vet feels there is no immediate threat. Tomorrow we will talk again to her, to our vet and hopefully form a treatment plan. Of course there are a lot of factors to decide if we should try surgery, espically if she can't walk.

Please pray for our baby girl. She is the bestest baby girl ever and has much as we aren't ready to let her go we need the strength and the guidance to do what is best for her.