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Thread: Caring for old Myndi

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    Caring for old Myndi

    Taking care of this old girl, is somewhat like taking care of a baby, all over again. I sure don't mind it, and as long as it keeps her safe and happy, then I'm all for it.

    Being that she has a problem with those old back legs of hers, she really needs a pretty solid surface to be able to walk right. She sleeps on the bed with me at night which is solid, but just soft enough to sometimes have her lose her balance a little. She has taken a tumble off the bed on several occasions - I'll hear a thud in the middle of the night - and sure enough - she's on the floor! One night I heard it and jumped up and couldn't find her - she had fallen down between the bed and nightstand and couldn't get out. Well I sure don't need her breaking anything - or worse - so now I had to come up with a solution to prevent this. So I took the baby gate and put it up at the head of the bed, between the bed and nightstand so she couldn't fall down there anymore. So what does she do??? - falls off a little further down where the gate doesn't protect her. So I ended up having to buy one of those guard rails that are used to keep toddlers from falling out of bed. So far - so good - and no more thuds in the middle of the night. She's actually quite content to sleep up at the head too, since I've been putting the super soft and comfy pillow bed that she and Sparky both loved, on the bed.

    She's been doing much better with her potty problem, but I was keeping a baby diaper on her at night. Such a pain to get to fit right and having to cut a hole in them for her tail - and she hated them!!! So I bought her cute panties which I just put a pad in, and they are so much easier to put on her too. She doesn't even seem to mind them - guess because I tell her they look cute on her. I've ordered her another pair too - I got them from the lady that I got Sparky's belly bands from. She does such quality work - all made to order/great workmanship/low price - not like the mass produced junk at high prices that are found most places.

    Oh - what we won't do for our little furry kids......

    A few pics - of her sleeping arrangement and modeling her new fancy pants.
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    Tell her that pale blue is good color on her! The things we do for the ones we love!
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    What a cutie!

    We do go to great lengths for them don' t we? I have two 16 year old dogs right now & 5 who are 13! I often say that living with Hobo is like living with a senile toddler!
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    Myndi looks cute in her new lingerie. Pretty color too. You did a great job coming up with these
    inovations to keep her safe at nighttime. If she ever goes down to the foot of the bed, you
    could place pillows around on the floor to make her landing softer.
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    Aww Myndi, your mommy sure loves you!
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    We sure do have to be creative when caring for our pets! Myndi is lucky to have such a considerate Mom. Sorry she went BUMP! in the night a few times. My, does she REALLY allow you an entire HALF of the bed? I should be so lucky! Ha ha haaa


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