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Thread: Grandbaby news

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    Grandbaby news

    My newest grandaby is being born tomorrow, and I'm going to be in the room as the C-Section happens!!! The name has changed a 100 times in the past week alone, but it seems the leading name is Madison. Cameron picked the name Madison, and while he's NOT happy to be a big brother, he feels pride in having something to do with the process. The other name he picked was Peyton -- a cute girl in his class... hee hee hee.... name his sister after a first grade crush.

    I am all worked up and nervous. Nervous because I have no idea how seeing her cut open will affect me (I cringe when they show it on TV shows, and thats fake!)

    Worked up because the father is making all sorts of threats already (my personal favorite is that he's taking the baby home the first weekend ) My husband says to not worry, because the hospital is used to situations like this and the cops are a block away.

    In the meantime, enjoy a couple pictures of my 2 month old Grandson Logan. He lives too far away to see much, so thank goodness for Facebook where I get daily uppydates I get to see him tomorrow -- TWO grandbabies at once! Yippie!!!!

    Logan's daddy says he looks like Charlie Brown:

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    I hope that everything goes smoothly. Congrats again!!! Logan sure looks cute.
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    Don't worry, you won't see any of the cutting. They'll have a sheet up in front of her face and you'll sit at Ashley's head. Once the baby is born (LOVE the two names, btw) they'll clean her up and bring her over.

    I'm SO excited for you, Kim!!!

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    Congratulations (in advance)! And welcome to little Madison/Peyton/? !!

    What a wonderful experience for you! We're sending along good wishes that all goes well.
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