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Thread: Human names gone out of fashion

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    I work with a girl named Ethel. She's around 40 years old. I don't like some of these new names people are coming up with.
    Some don't even sound like names!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Catty1 View Post
    In the Scottish branch of our family tree there are quite a few Alexanders. My dad was named after the adored family doctor, Dr. George Nelles. His one older brother got George, and he got Nelles. He legally changed it to Ned when he joined the Mounties in 1948 as the original name might have been thought a bit too feminine. Broke 'is mother's 'art, 'e did!

    My mom's parents came from Ukraine. He was Seniuk, which was changed to Simon. Hers was (sp?) Theodosia, which I think is lovely. Some immigration genius changed it to Phyllis. PHYLLIS???!!??

    On my dad's side was an aunt, Tertuliah. I love the old world sound of it. Nickname: Aunt Tootie. Umm....
    My middle name, Theo, comes from Theodosia, a great-great grandmother's name!
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    I have told this story before.......

    I used to fill out the census cards for a hospital.. This was before computers so we had giant Cardveyor machines filled with 3x5 cards in alpha order. A baby would be born and filed under "Jones, Baby Boy". When I got the baby's given name, I'd pull that card and make the changes to it........So Jones, Baby Boy would get his name and filed under Jones, James- for example.

    In the late 70's, early 80's people began to 'personalize' names by subbing vowels with 'y', naming kids after products like cars, booze and household items......just kidding about the household items.

    James became Jaymes, Michael -Mychayl...and by changing a few letters, you could now have a little girl with a traditional 'male' name.

    The problem was people losing the temp cards and calling in to make an appointment for the child.

    We would get a request for James Jones, and because we didn't have a file number, we has to look in the machine and there would be no James Jones because we were looking for a MALE JAMES JONES and the parent didn't tell
    the nurse that its JAYMES JONES, a female - So we had to pull the census and go back to make sure of the birthdate...and find out we had wasted valuable time looking for a name that didn't exist.

    People do not realize the problems that might come from naming their kids with unique names, it may be cute, but be assured that there will be a problem or two further down the line?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RICHARD;2462057

    People do not realize the problems that might come from naming their kids with unique names, it may be cute, but be assured that there will be a problem or two further down the line?

    Nor do they consider possible problems naming that baby boy after the father - be it a Jr, or III, or IV, etc. My advice to anyone thinking of doing it????? - DON'T DO IT. - speaking from learning the hard way here.

    My first born was named after his father - a Jr. No real problem till somewhat later in life, but when my ex and I applied for a mortgage, all of Jr's (and his ex wife's) bad credit showed up on my ex's credit report!!!! What a freakin nightmare. It took us months to straighten everything out, and almost cost us non approval on the mortgage.

    Just a little off topic with that, but worth the message.
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