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Thread: Bartie and Elan issues...

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    Bartie and Elan issues...

    Both are getting along great. However, both are having health issues.

    Bartie started vomiting and Elan is projectile vomiting on a regular basis.

    I spoke to Bartie's vet and she said we're out of options for B. She told me to stop giving him his meds for a few days then start them up again. She thinks the intestinal lymphoma has gotten worse. She doesn't think he's in any pain. He's still eating, drinking and using the box so I'm not too concerned. It's been 5 days since he had his meds and hasn't barfed once. He seems very content and I wonder if I should put him back on them.

    Elan on the other hand, is vomiting a LOT and on a very regular basis. It's not his thyroid because tests revealed normal levels. His liver enzymes are through the roof. The vet who saw him says that could indicate cancer. All I can do for him is keep him fed and comfortable. He's not eating very much, if at all. My gut feeling tells me that it's only a matter of time.
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