There was a little white Cat who was friendly with Gregory and was always waiting for him even after he became an Angel.
I noticed that she was getting bigger so I started to leave more food out.
When she saw me and ran but I could see her little face around the corner of the house.
Then a few days ago there she was with a Kitten in her mouth and then two more.
One is white , one gray and one tabby, and they spend the night by the vent in the spare bedroom where Carla Chrsitine ate all her food .
The Animal Control came for them and after a night in the incubator they are reunited with their loving Mom.
I am glad I could help that Momma Cat . All of her Kittens are adopted in eight to ten weeks and I have first rights on Carla Christine.
The good feeling I have is easily worth ant time or expense
I just wish my camera battery had not died.
They made a Great Quartet!!