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Thread: MILTON, FL (PANHANDLE)- UPDATE: Ariel, CH Kitty rescued from Hernando County Shelter, is now looking for a furever home!

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    MILTON, FL (PANHANDLE)- UPDATE: Ariel, CH Kitty rescued from Hernando County Shelter, is now looking for a furever home!

    NOWCONTACT: Andrea (her Foster Mom in Milton, FL) at [email protected]

    UPDATE, Tuesday, Feb. 19:
    Ariel is a Cerebellar Hypoplasia kitty in the Panhandle of Florida in Milton. She is NOW OVER her virus and well, and she is looking for a furever home! (See message #2.) So if you are in the vicinity or in another state and would be interested in adopting Aeriel, please get in touch with Andrea. Thanks, Debbie.

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    (FYI! This is a rescue cooordinated with local rescue in Tampa., Lisa Beers Kirry in Washington headed this rescue, and Andrea Sisko is fostering Aerial in the Panhandle.)

    Update on Ariel from Andrea on Thursday, Feb. 14:
    She saw the vet again this afternoon at 3pm. Today's visit was very promising. The vet looked her over and did note the mouth inflammation and lesions and said it could be calici virus she's dealing with and the double transport in 1 week may have caused it to come out. No fever, nasal or ocular discharge. Since it's a virus, antibiotics will not help. She did give me a powered vitmain and l-lysine supplement to sprinkle on Ariel's food or to mix in with water or broth. She said it can't hurt and should help her fight off the URI. She also gave Ariel an appetite stimulant and it will be given every 3 days here. She ate for the doctor..ate a handful of hard cat treats out of the doctor's hand. Made a liar out of me! lol But the doctor thinks Ariel's mouth is sore and due to the pain, she is not chewing any of the food. She swallowed all the cat treats whole and even the pill pocket whole. Her teeth look great, no reason she can't chew. It probably hurts, so she's swallowing whole. With the appetite stimulant, she should pick up eating and drinking. The vet did not run blood work because she felt it would be too stressful. Ariel doesn't care to be held for a long period of time and does struggle some, and the vet said she would likely have to sedate her for blood draw and she elected to wait since Ariel did eat today. If she has excessive thirst, diarrhea, vomitting, etc we will do bloodwork. so for now we're monitoring her food and water intake/output and giving appetite stimulant every 3 days and vitamin supplement in her food twice daily. I did buy a bag of the treats Ariel liked so much from the vet..then went and got cat food in the same shape and size since she is able to swallow it whole.

    We also discovered her food and water need to be elevated. When she leans down to eat, her head bobs making it hard to grab any food. With it elevated, her head only bobs slightly and able to pick up the kibble. She is perkier today, comes over for attention and is interested in food. We just need to get over this hump and hopefully she'll continue to improve. Thank you all for sharing and donating. Her two visits were covered by donations. Thank you all so much!

    Andrea Sisko
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