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Thread: Graham James sentence extended to five years, up from two

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    Graham James sentence extended to five years, up from two


    WINNIPEG -- The Manitoba Court of Appeal has increased the prison sentence of child-abusing hockey coach Graham James to five years from two. James was convicted last year of sexually abusing NHL star Theo Fleury and his younger cousin, Todd Holt, when they played for James in the junior ranks.

    There was another case that didn't get tried; another young man committed suicide because of the memories. Both Shawn Kennedy and Theo Fleury battled heavy addiction.

    "rehabilitation"? Got a bridge in Brooklyn for me too?

    If you want to, Fleury's book Playing With Fire is available on Amazon and elsewhere. Language warning - hockey locker room, ok?
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    He originally got 2 and now it's 5???? What's wrong with that picture? They need to lock him up and throw away the key - send a message!! What's with these scumbags anyway??? - coaches, Boy Scout leaders, teachers, priests - the people who parents and kids alike, trust. Sick......
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