I'd like to ask all the ladies here that are 60 how they handled it. By that, I mean psychologically. Would love to hear your experiences.

I had a tough time. I went underground for 2 days. Didn't take phone calls, emails, nothing. My emotions were all over the map. I got a tablet and a wireless router for my bithday and tried setting it up. Two hours of TRYING to understand the technician, I was about ready to hurl it across the room. As I'm cleaning up cat puke from BOTH senior cats while on hold, I finally gave up. That put me over the edge. It was also 3 years ago that I lost my beloved MooShoo.

The last time I had an episode that bad was my 30th birthday. It snowed 2 feet of snow, I was pregnant and sat in my pjs crying for 3 days straight.

Can't WAIT to see what 65 feels like! NOT!!!