About 4 weeks ago my beloved 16 y/o female cat threw a blood clot. It passed & then she threw another blood clot last friday. Last sat (2/9/13) she was in her favorite cat house sleeper & she lay her head on her paws & moaned in pain. My phone was having problems so i went next door to use the phone to call my boss & tell her whats going on so i can rush salem to the vet (i was suppose to work). When i got back salem was dead. I was only gone 5 mins. I did not want her to die alone but she did. Now i feel VERY guilty. I know all about nasty blood clots & salem was most likely going to be pts. She was never the same again & her appetite was terrible. I really miss her & have enjoyed her company for over 14 yrs (i adopted her in the fall of 1998). Just last dec 27th my other 16 y/o cat who has been with me since 10/98 died of a mouth tumor. I feel like i lost 2 of my kids (i have no children). I currently have 3 cats ages 7-12 (maybe older) but its much different now. Salem & buddy were top cats here & best of friends. It sure is a lonely feeling. I did bury salem about 2 feet next to buddy. No one including animals should die alone but i know stuff happens. At least salem died in her fav cat house in familiar surroundings. I miss salem & buddy dearly.