A dinner mishap caused all the smoke detectors to go off last night. The windows are sealed, so the doors were opened to air out the house.

I was more worried about Zam pulling a Houdini, when Kia bolted and disappeared into the night.

After a nerve wracking half hour of searching, we were just about to get in the car to go looking, when she appeared at the end of the street in the headlights of a neighbors car.

Kia was trotting down the middle of the road and they were speeding. I almost thought they were going to hit her, but thankfully they braked and swerved. Kia wouldn't come to me immediately, but I finally coaxed her over, leashed her, and got her home.

She's become more fearful of noises as she's gotten older, so now we know to put her in her crate or secure her in the backyard should it ever happen again.

I have even more gray hairs.