Hello Everybody.

My Aunt has just lost her sole companion, her elderly precious cat, Foster, who has been a reliable and constant support to her for nearly 20 years years.

Foster has been cremated and has been returned in a cardboard box, and each time I visit my Aunt, I see this little box sat where Foster used to sit on the windowsill. I know it sounds silly but I do not think she can bear to scatter the ashes just yet. I wanted to ask if anyone knew of any other way I could preserve the ashes for her, in perhaps a nicer vase or box or something I guess would eb a good start, but what about using the ashes as part of a decorative item? Has anyone ever done this? I remember hearing about a company that did this on the radio years ago, but cannot find them online, who used to mix the ash into a pottery vase,..

Any ideas,
With Love